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Say No to Hearing Loss With a Balanced Diet

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We hear it all the time – eat a balanced diet to stay healthy. It’s repeated so many times it probably needs no reminding anymore. But eating a balanced diet could really keep you out of harm’s way. A mountain of studies has shown that doing so helps fend off diseases, make you look young and boost longevity.

Admittedly, those findings are pretty unsurprising, what with the sheer volume of studies done on the subject. But what is perhaps rarely reported is the link between a balanced diet and good hearing.

So it might come as a surprise that eating well may help ward off acquired hearing loss. Researchers from Harvard University and Vanderbilt University found that maintaining a healthy diet is associated with a lower risk of acquired hearing loss in women.

Acquired hearing loss happens after birth and affects both children and adults. It is caused by a variety of reasons, including an ear infection, the use of toxic drugs, head injury, meningitis and exposure to loud noises. Read more…

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