Soy: Terrible For You and The Environment Too in 2021


Soy-based products are often promoted as viable replacements for meat sources over environmental and ethical concerns. But it doesn’t end there; soy products have slipped their way into every day food sources and could be having a detrimental impact on a societal scale. Much brouhaha has surrounded these products- but are the alarmists in the wrong?

As part of our long-running series on foods you should and shouldn’t be eating, including foods that boost or lower your testosterone, we’ve considered some of the myriad ways that the modern world is conspiring to rob you of your health and vitality.

We’ve already seen, for instance, the awful effects of xenoestrogens, ubiquitous industrial chemical compounds that mimic the effects of estrogen in the human body. In this article, we’ll consider soy, a foodstuff we’ve already mentioned in our article on foods that lower your testosterone. Read more…

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