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The Science Behind Optimizing Injury Recovery

Learn about the science of recovering from injuries including which foods to eat, supplements to take, & practices that can help you bounce back faster.
Suffering an injury as a result of training or sports practice can spell the end of an athlete’s career as they know it.

It can be an incredibly frustrating, and scary time, regardless of your expertise or lack thereof.

Does it have to mean the end of your competitive life, the wet blanket thrown on your fire for the iron? Not necessarily. However, importance must be emphasized that you do things the right way.

At this juncture you may be thinking “hey if I go to my doctor, it’ll be ok”, but this isn’t always the normal outcome.

In fact, going to a general practitioner (who may not be educated in sports medicine), with a sports-related injury may compromise your ability to ever function at 100% again. Read more…

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