Think Before You Eat: Pesticides in Food

Consumers often assume that most products like the fruits and vegetables sold in stores are safe to consume. This isn’t always true, unless you buy organic produce or grow organic fruits and vegetables in your home garden.

Most crops are grown with herbicides and pesticides that are linked to many health problems, but Big Agri continues to use them. Common culprits include glyphosate, a toxic herbicide ingredient, and atrazine, the second-most widely used herbicide in America.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines pesticides as chemical substances used to regulate, prevent or destroy plants or pests, such as insects, rodents, or microorganisms like bacteria and fungi. Alternatively, some pesticides act as a nitrogen stabilizer in soil.

Over one billion pounds of conventional pesticides are used annually in the country. The number is alarming and it should make the public want to know how toxic the American agricultural system is. Read more…

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