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Unlock Massive Arms: 5 Tricep and Pec Dips

Dips are an excellent exercise for building impressive upper bodies, provided you have the necessary mobility and use proper technique. Here are five variations that can enhance your dip workouts even further:

  1. One-and-a-Half Dip (Top Emphasis):
    This variation shifts the focus to the triceps by adding a half rep at the top of each dip. Start at the top position, lower down with control, press back up to straight arms, then lower to halfway before pressing up again. This emphasizes the triceps and is effective for sets of 6 and above.
  2. One-and-a-Quarter Dip (Bottom Emphasis):
    Emphasizing the bottom portion of the dip places more stress on the chest. Adding a quarter rep at the bottom increases time and tension in this position, promoting solid technique and reducing the risk of shoulder issues.
  3. Gironda Dip:
    This unique variant requires a V-shaped dip stand and involves inward-facing hands. Lower yourself down while keeping your feet forward and back rounded, then focus on pulling the elbows together to contract the chest during the upward phase. Use these sparingly and only when warmed up, as they provide an intense stretch and contraction.
  4. Ring Hold:
    An advanced version that creates intense chest, arm, and shoulder contractions. Grab the rings with straight legs and press down while locking out the triceps. Progress by adding knee tucks or low L-Sits. Use these as an activation drill before bar dips for a primed upper body.
  5. Full Ring Dips:
    A challenging self-limiting exercise that requires stability due to ring oscillation. Lower under control with a slight lean forward and pull shoulders back. Gradually work towards straight-arm support at the top for higher-rep sets.

For optimal dip performance, focus on shoulder extension through exercises like band shoulder extensions. Maintain good posture and engage the upper back to maximize dip effectiveness and minimize potential issues.

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