Want to Burn Belly Fat? Eat More Fiber

Losing weight is not easy, and losing belly fat is even harder. Is there a simple and effective way to lose that stubborn fat? The answer is yes. Just adding a certain amount of soluble fiber to your food can help melt belly fat away.

Two Kinds of Plant Fibers
There are two types of plant cellulose: Soluble and insoluble. Insoluble means it is not able to be broken down by the water and is excreted directly by the body. Eating an excess of insoluble cellulose can cause diarrhea.

Water-soluble cellulose plays an important role in our digestive tract and has a lot to do with our health and weight.

The Role of Soluble Plant Fiber
The first role of soluble plant fiber is to help the body lose excess weight by absorbing water in our digestive tract and then expanding it. Read more…

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