Yogurt or Kefir?

When we think about probiotics in food, I’m sure yogurt comes to mind first for many. But kefir is another fermented dairy product in town, and is essentially a drinkable yogurt. Many gut health-minded individuals make sure to include either or both of these dairy products in their diets, but is one better than the other?

The name kefir is derived from the Turkish word “keyif,” which translates to the “good feeling” that someone gets after drinking it. It’s basically composed of milk, kefir grains, live bacteria, and yeast. It’s not as popular as yogurt in the gut world, but the overflow of probiotics and other components may make you want to think twice.

There is a large variety of kefir choices. Most that you’ll find in stores will be cow or goat milk-based, but sheep’s milk is also used. For non-dairy sources, coconut and oat milk are most common. Juice and water-based ones are less so, but nonetheless they’re out there as well. Below are some reasons you may want to look into this product and it’s various types as a possible yogurt alternative. Read more…

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