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A-Rod’s Anti-Aging Secrets Revealed: 5 Habits for Eternal Youth

Maintaining a record as MLB’s all-time grand slam leader and staying ESPN camera-ready demands a stringent fitness and diet routine. For Yankees icon Alex Rodriguez, transitioning from the baseball field to post-career life required adjustments in daily habits, revealing his longevity secrets in a recent lunch with Best Life. From oral health to dietary shifts, here’s how the 48-year-old keeps himself vibrant.

Alex Rodriguez recognizes the link between oral health and longevity, emphasizing dental care. Diagnosed with gum disease last year, he promptly addressed the issue, maintaining a disciplined brushing and flossing routine. Regular dentist visits every three months and carrying floss picks on the go are integral to his oral health regimen.

Acknowledging the health risks associated with high red meat consumption, particularly heart disease and certain cancers, Rodriguez, a former steak enthusiast, adjusted his diet. Reducing steak frequency to once every 10 days, he opts for heart-healthy fish like salmon or branzino instead.

Rodriguez adopts intermittent fasting, restricting his eating window between noon and 8:30 p.m. This approach, supported by recent research indicating its anti-inflammatory benefits, aligns with his health goals. The former pro, shedding 35 pounds in the past 15 months, highlights improved digestive function with intermittent fasting.

Integrating health and wellness into his morning routine, Rodriguez allocates time between 8:00 a.m. and noon for activities such as meditation, workouts, sauna sessions, and stretching. Despite these efforts, he still enjoys a cup of coffee to kickstart his day.

While Rodriguez admits to being a “salt person” with a penchant for chips, he maintains balance by prepping healthy snacks. To counter late-night cravings, he prepares smoothie bowls in advance, eliminating distractions and excuses in line with his motto. Rodriguez’s longevity strategies underscore the importance of holistic well-being, encompassing oral care, dietary adjustments, fasting, morning rituals, and smart snack choices.

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