Boost Testosterone Safely Without Shrinking Your Manhood

Eurycoma longifolia, commonly known as Tongkat Ali or Longjack, has gained attention for its potential to increase testosterone levels, particularly when using a specific type known as LJ100. While the scientific community has long recognized its testosterone-boosting effects, the precise mechanisms were not fully understood until recently, thanks to research, particularly a study conducted on rats.

The key lies in two specific compounds called quassinoids, specifically eurycomanone and 13-alpha (21) dihydroeurycomanone, which are metabolically altered triterpenes found in Eurycoma. In the rat study, daily doses of high-quassinoid extracts led to a significant increase in testosterone levels and a decrease in estradiol. This boost in testosterone was accompanied by enhanced spermatogenesis and increased testicle weight, indicating improved Leydig cell function and overall testicular health.

Furthermore, mating studies with these treated rats revealed higher fertility rates and larger litters, suggesting a positive impact on reproductive function. Chemical analysis showed elevated levels of luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), both of which play crucial roles in testosterone regulation in mammals, contributing to the observed testosterone elevation.

Regarding safety, another study demonstrated that Eurycoma/Longjack does not have the same adverse effects on testicle size or prostate enlargement as steroids. Even at high doses equivalent to human consumption of up to 12 to 16 grams per day, rats showed improved sperm quality without shrinking prostates or seminal vesicles, indicating a favorable safety profile.

For humans, effective dosages of Eurycoma/Longjack range from 200 to 400 milligrams per day, with 300 milligrams being considered optimal for boosting testosterone while maintaining safety. The key is to ensure the product contains the patented LJ100 49 variety, rich in active quassinoids. Products like Omega-Man are recommended, typically taken once daily. Most users notice improvements in testosterone levels, libido, erectile function, and reduced fatigue within a couple of weeks, with no cycling required.

Overall, Eurycoma longifolia shows promise as a natural testosterone booster with favorable safety profiles when used at recommended dosages and with the right formulation.

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