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Creatine & Alcohol – Do They Mix?

The question up for discussion today is “do creatine and alcohol mix?”. I’m going to talk about the effects alcohol has on building muscle and what happens if you drink alcohol while using creatine. There have been no official studies into the effects of creatine and alcohol in the past. We have no scientific evidence that alcohol directly affects the body’s use of creatine. However, if we look at the affects of alcohol and creatine on the body it’s clear to see if the two mix.

How Muscle Grows:
When you are lifting weights at the gym you are actually damaging and breaking down your muscles (it sounds much worse than it is!). Your muscles are pumped up at the gym because you are tearing small muscle fibers. The actual muscle growth occurs when you’re resting via a process called protein synthesis. Protein synthesis is the production of new muscle proteins. When you’re building muscle you are aiming to rebuild more muscle than you damaged during your workout. Read more…

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