Here’s the Data on COVID Vaccinations

A recent Gallup poll has shown that 24 percent of adults do not plan to get the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine. Of those not planning to get vaccinated, almost 80 percent have said they were unlikely to reconsider – with more than half stating their decision not to get vaccinated is final. According to Gallup data, the percentage of people who refuse to get vaccinated had been stable for the past three months.

According to the Gallup poll conducted from May 18 to 23, 60 percent of U.S. adults reported being fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Twelve percent of respondents planned to get their vaccine doses, while four percent had been partially vaccinated. All in all, these comprised 76 percent of respondents the poll counted as vaccinated.

The May 2021 poll found that 24 percent of “vaccine-hesitant” adults were not distributed equally across major demographic groups. Forty-six percent of Republican respondents did not plan to get vaccinated, compared to 31 percent of independent-leaning respondents and six percent of Democrat respondents. Thirty-one percent of respondents without a college degree are much more likely to refuse vaccinations compared to only 12 percent of college graduates…

Twenty-three percent of respondents wanted to confirm the vaccine’s safety, while 20 percent of respondents believed they would not get seriously ill from the Wuhan coronavirus. Sixteen percent expressed concerns about the rushed development of the COVID-19 vaccines, with the same percentage expressing mistrust of vaccines in general. Ten percent of respondents cited allergies or allergy concerns for their refusal to get vaccinated. An additional 10 percent of respondents said they already have immunity after recovering from a bout of COVID-19. Read more…

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