Here’s What 30 Days of 100 Clean Muscleups Did to This Guy’s Body

The muscleup is far from a beginner move. This bodyweight exercise, which combines both pulling and pushing motions, is a popular choice among calisthenics and CrossFit athletes. It’s also notoriously difficult, and can take months to master. In a new video, YouTuber Brandon William sets himself the challenge of attempting to do 100 muscleup reps every single day for 30 days.

“The maximum number of clean muscleups I can do in a row is 5,” he says at the start of the challenge. (Bear in mind: the current world record for most consecutive muscleup reps is 26.) Aware that muscleups can be physically exhausting and wreak havoc on the body, Brandon allows himself to take rest days in order for his muscles to recover; as long as he is able to manage 30 days, they don’t have to be consecutive. Read more…

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