Here’s Why the US Declared Monkeypox a “National Emergency”

Despite the fact that the virus is almost exclusively infecting sexually-active homosexual men, the Biden administration has now declared the so-called monkeypox outbreak a national public health emergency.

“I want to make an announcement today, I will be declaring a public health emergency on monkeypox,” President Joe Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra told reporters on Thursday.

“We’re prepared to take our response to the next level in addressing this virus, and we urge every American to take monkeypox seriously and to take responsibility to help us tackle this virus,” he added.

The decision to declare monkeypox a “public health emergency” and to call on “every American” to take the viral outbreak “seriously” comes despite the fact that 98 percent of people infected with the virus are homosexual or bisexual men. Read more…

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