How to Pick Better Fish at the Store

The seafood counter at a grocery store usually offers two kinds of fish: farm-raised fish or wild-caught fish. And while certain fatty fish like salmon offer many health benefits, some of them are also linked to health risks thanks to contaminants.

According to a study, you can avoid these health risks if you choose wild-caught fish. Farm-raised fish often have fatty livers, and consuming them may result in negative health consequences.

Study findings show that fatty liver has become very common in fish raised on farms. Eating them is bad for your health because the disease reduces the fish’s growth and nutritional quality. Fatty liver can also impair the fish’s immune response.

While researchers have yet to determine a definitive cause of fatty liver in farm-raised fish, they think one of the biggest contributors is the unbalanced nutrition and excess energy intake that occurs as a result of overfeeding. Farm-raised fish also consume foods deficient in essential vitamins and a diet that includes excess carbohydrates and dietary fats. Read more…

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