Leg Day Alert! Killer Landmine Lifts for Maximum Gains

The landmine device, available on Amazon, introduces a novel workout challenge with stability benefits, enabling targeted muscle engagement. Its unique weight distribution, heavier at the bottom of movements, offers advantages in training. Here are four demanding landmine exercises for legs:

  1. Landmine Reverse Lunge, Shouldered:
    Place the load on your shoulders for better control. Opt for an ipsilateral or contralateral loading scheme. Ensure comfort by adding a squat bar pad or a towel to the barbell. Position the bar on your shoulders, leaning towards the plates. Keep hands on the plates for safety and a forward-leaning posture. The reverse lunge, with the majority of the load concentrated at the bottom, targets the glutes in their elongated state, making it a hip-dominant exercise.
  2. Landmine Quadruped Hip Extension:
    Also known as donkey kicks, this exercise isolates the glutes effectively. Treat it as an assistance lift to complement primary glute exercises. The quadruped hip extension is versatile with all loading schemes, allowing progression with heavier weights. Placing the load strategically bypasses distal hamstrings, emphasizing the “glute-ham tie-in” area. Core stabilization is crucial, with options to place hands on the floor or elbows on a bench.
  3. Landmine Crossover Lunge:
    Different from traditional dumbbell crossover lunges, the landmine version encourages more sideways loading, engaging glutes and lateral hip stabilizers eccentrically. The Zercher position provides an advantage, requiring extra padding if needed. This variation challenges the glutes differently due to its unique loading direction.
  4. Landmine Hack Squat:
    Similar to a hack squat but with distinct differences, the landmine hack squat maintains shins perpendicular to the floor, reducing dorsiflexion and making it knee-friendly. The strength curve feels more challenging at the bottom due to leverage factors and gravity. While setup might be slightly awkward, it is effective for muscle-building, recommended as a finisher with lighter weights.

Incorporating these landmine exercises into your leg workout routine provides diversity and targets various muscle groups, offering a new dimension to strength training.

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