Revealed: The Right Way to Take Fish Oil!

Many people have been misusing fish oil, missing out on its potential benefits due to improper consumption. Research suggests that for fish oil to unleash its full range of benefits, it should be ingested alongside a fat-rich meal. This combination optimizes its pro-cardiovascular, anti-inflammatory, and body composition-improving properties.

Several studies have shed light on the importance of pairing fish oil with fat-rich meals. One study reported insignificant benefits of omega-3 fatty acids when taken with a low-fat breakfast. In contrast, another study revealed a threefold increase in the absorption of crucial omega-3 fatty acids like DHA and EPA when volunteers consumed them with a fat-rich meal compared to a low-fat meal. Similarly, plasma concentrations of DHA and EPA were five times higher when administered with a high-fat meal.

The solution lies in timing and meal composition. Since dinner tends to be the fattiest meal of the day, with the consumption of meats and oils, it presents an ideal window for taking fish oil capsules. This approach not only enhances nutrient absorption but also contributes to managing stress and reducing excessive cortisol levels, particularly beneficial when taken in the evening.

When selecting a fish oil brand, prioritize those with higher DHA content compared to EPA, such as Biotest Flameout. Flameout is known for its high concentration, meaning fewer capsules are needed to achieve a pharmaceutical-level effect, streamlining supplementation for optimal results.

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