The 10 Ways to Prevent COVID

We all, more than ever before, need to use our common sense, intelligence, and science to verify and re-verify everything we eat, drink, breathe in, and put on our skin. We all, more than ever before, need a strong natural immune function to take on all these newly mutated bacteria, viruses, and pathogens that have invaded the food supply, the medicine supply, and our environment.

Take for instance processed food. Void of most – if not all – nutrients, most processed “junk science” food contains chemicals for taste, color, texture, and preservation. Those chemicals tax your cleansing organs at extreme levels, and for extended periods of time, sometimes decades. For the people who eat two out of every three (if not all three to five) daily meals as processed junk food, the flu and Covid can prove deadly. To make matters worse, most people who eat conventional food daily, for most or all meals and snacks, also are taking multiple prescription medications, further acidifying their pH and making them susceptible to catching and dying from the coming Covid variants.

Take heed of your water also. Most tap water and most bottled water still contains known contaminants that cause cancer, dementia, brittle bones, and yes, chronically compromised and weakened immune system function.

So we break it down to 10 best, actual ways to avoid Covid and its scary variants. Read more…

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