The Bent Press is the Forgotten Lift You Need

When we think of moving heavy weights overhead, we often think of Olympic lifts, military press, and push press. But another overhead lift lurks in the shadows of weight training history. The bent press, a favorite of old-time strongmen like Eugene Sandow and Arthur Saxon, allows you to lift enormous weights overhead in a unique fashion. Saxon’s best was an incredible 370 pounds… with one arm. Let that sink in.

The bent press is like a one-arm overhead press, but your arm straightens out overhead while you’re bending at the hips. Once your arm is locked out, you stand upright. We’ll get into the technique details below.

It’s unfortunate that the bent press has been forgotten. A well-executed bent press can improve mobility, build an iron midsection, and create a strong, muscular upper body.
Admittedly, it looks odd. You have to do it to truly “get it.” Let’s get into it. Read more…

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