The Healthy Eater’s Guide to Rice

You’ve probably experienced it. You go out to a sushi restaurant with a bunch of friends and the chef comes over to take everyone’s order. Then one member of your party, probably “Zinnia” or something – who invariably smells of patchouli and who braids and beads her armpit hair and is always waxing nostalgic over the Lilith Fair concerts – asks that her spicy tuna cut roll be made with brown rice instead of white.

She says it nice enough, but you can detect a tiny bit of snobbery in her dietary request, and you can sense that the chef briefly thinks about sprinkling a little poisonous Fugu into her cut roll, but he doesn’t really do that kind of stuff – at least not since he retired from the Yakuza. No doubt about it, Zinnia thinks the rest of you are nutritional cavemen, not fit to carry her recyclable Whole Foods canvas tote. Read more…

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