The New and Improved Superfood

As I’ve often mentioned, we at Biotest make supplements that we want to use. Yeah, stuff the boss wants to use, stuff I want to use, stuff all the other people who work here want to use. By doing it that way, we usually create supplements a lot of you want to use, too. It’s a simple strategy and it keeps us on track.

There was one time we deviated from that approach, though. Well, we almost deviated from it. We saw that most other supplement companies made some sort of vitamin or multivitamin product, so we tried to come up with our own multivitamin formulation.

It wasn’t easy. Most companies throw in every vitamin and mineral from A to Z, thinking that all they need to do is throw in as much as they can fit into a single capsule or pill (because Joe Average doesn’t want to take multiple pills) without any regard to how they might interfere with each other’s absorption and/or efficacy. Read more…

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