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The Ultimate Machine-Based Training Plan

Bad gym? No barbells? No problem. Build your body anyway with this machine-based plan and a couple of light dumbbells.
Any training program is doable if you’re a member of a fully equipped gym. It’s a little tougher if all you have access to is an apartment, dorm, or hotel fitness center. Most of these little gyms just have machines and a few light dumbbells. Not great if your main goal is hypertrophy… unless you know how to train.

The Good News
Machines still build size. Being able to zero in on a fixed path allows you to progressively overload and fatigue muscles in isolation and make use of consistent, reliable mechanical tension.

That’s a gold mine for building muscle if you have a foundation of strength and understand good technique. Whether you use these methods all the time or only when you’re traveling, you’re not in the worst scenario you can imagine as long as you play your cards right. Read more…

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