The Ultimate Testosterone Replacement Guide

If you’re interested in testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), bookmark this right now. If you’re already using TRT, fire up the printer. This might just become your new reference guide.

It’s a lot of information, so let’s tackle this topic in Q&A format:

Question 1 – Do You Even Need Testosterone Replacement Therapy?
You’ve no doubt heard most of the low-testosterone diagnostic questions:

Do you have less energy? Have you experienced an inexplicable increase in body fat and have trouble losing it? How about a loss of muscle tone or an inability to make progress in your workouts? Does your erection sometimes falter? Do you think more about your lawn than lady parts?

How about premature aging? Difficulty in concentration or memory? Depression? Or maybe a lack of “appropriate aggressiveness” where you don’t take the initiative in matters of business or the heart? Maybe you’re nervous or always pissed off, ready to tear the head off the pudknocker in line in front of you who bought the last goddam cinnamon roll? Read more…

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