The Five Keys to Hardcore Health

When we talk about longevity and life extension, we assume that people want to live a long time, but many have no interest in facing the indignities of old age. That’s why “life extension” is a crappy term. What we should be talking about instead is health extension.

Health extension combines longevity with youthful energy levels and a body free from discomfort. In other words, a future where you change very little and get to keep on doing the same stuff you’re doing now, only with some wrinkles.

But measuring actual health is somewhat difficult, especially in lab animals. They could be plagued with many of the infirmities of old age but still live a long time. A mouse, for instance, can’t tell you if its back is hurting or if it’s having problems in the sack. Measuring life span instead is much easier. Read more…

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