Unleash Your Shredded Potential with Coconut Cardio

If you’re looking for a fresh and effective approach to your morning cardio, Coach Dustin Myers has a recommendation for you: coconut cardio. This unique twist on fasted cardio can put you on the fast track to achieving a shredded six-pack. While there are varying opinions on the optimal time for cardio training, consistency is key regardless of the timing.

Fasted cardio involves doing cardio on an empty stomach, typically first thing in the morning. Studies have shown that performing 20 minutes of fasted cardio can potentially burn up to 20% more fat compared to cardio done after a meal. Intrigued by the concept, Coach Dustin decided to give it a try. However, he found that training on an empty stomach left him lacking the energy to perform at his normal intensity.

To overcome this hurdle, Coach Dustin came up with a solution: adding healthy fats before his cardio session. He started incorporating a tablespoon of coconut oil into his morning coffee, and the difference was noticeable. The fats in coconut oil, particularly medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), provide a convenient energy source that the body can efficiently utilize. Not only does coconut oil boost metabolism, but it also promotes the breakdown of stored body fat. By consuming only coconut oil and coffee before morning cardio, you can enhance your metabolic rate and tap into your own fat stores for energy.

Coach Dustin believes that this approach acts as a primer for your body. The combination of caffeine and MCTs in coconut oil accelerates metabolism, and as your body breaks down the healthy fats for energy, it readily utilizes stored body fat. Incorporating coconut cardio into your routine allows you to reap the benefits of fasted cardio while maintaining a high level of training intensity. Say goodbye to running on fumes and hello to an efficient fat-burning workout that kickstarts your day.

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