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A Solution for Nerve Damage

Nerve damage can occur to some of us as the years pass, and demyelination is one sign to watch out for. Demyelination happens when myelin, a material that coats the nerves, gets damaged over time. This causes problems in the brain and throughout the body, as demyelination affects the senses and bodily functions.

Demyelination is commonly caused by inflammation but can be triggered by other conditions such as oxygen loss, viral infections and metabolic problems. The effect of demyelination is lifelong, but there are treatments for this condition. One treatment includes promoting the growth of new myelin in damaged areas, but this results in thinner myelin and less effective signaling. Other treatments make use of drugs such as interferon beta-1a or glatiramer acetate that modulate the immune system’s response.

But a 2017 study performed in Australia suggested that eating canned fatty fishes played a role in reducing the risk of nerve damage and multiple sclerosis (MS). Researchers looked at the link between canned fish consumption and the odds of the central nervous system developing demyelination. Nerve damage is one of the common signs that precede MS. Read more…

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