Attention Hypertension Patients! Coffee or Tea – What’s Best?

Coffee and tea are everyday drinks that have an invigorating effect. They both contain caffeine. However, a new study found that coffee has the risk of increasing blood pressure, while tea does not.

Dr. Ou Han Wen, a doctor of integrative medicine and nutrition at the University of Maryland, said on The Epoch Times health program “Health 1+1” that whether it’s tea or coffee, it’s important to drink it correctly.

Many people think high blood pressure is caused by aging, making the cardiovascular wall less flexible and narrower, requiring more pressure to get the blood out. However, according to Ou, 90 percent of hypertension has no known cause.

Functional medicine has found that hypertension is triggered by inflammation of the endothelium in the blood vessels, which consumes nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide is a key factor that can help blood vessels relax and prevent blood clots from coagulating. Read more…

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