Real Men Do Skincare: Check Out These Holy Grail Products to Keep Your Skin Healthy

Who said skincare is only for women? If you’ve ever doubted its importance, think of your skin as a pair of leather shoes. Use it for months without conditioning it and you’ll see cracks and wear, revealing its age. While drinking a good amount of water daily and washing your face with soap does help keep your skin healthy, there’s much more to skincare than just that.

However, using women’s skincare products won’t always work for men. While cleansers and sunscreens are usually sold without gender labels, let’s face it: men’s skin is tougher, thicker, and generally different than women’s skin. This is why there are products that are tailored to fit men’s skin types and needs.

Give your skin a treat – especially during the colder season – by starting and maintaining a proper skincare routine. Here some “holy grail” products that are proven to work on your male skin. Read more…

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