10 Helpful Teas During Cold and Flu Season

When cold and flu season comes around, one of the first home treatments many people think of is hot tea. Besides helping with cough and sore throat, some regular and herbal teas have properties that might help with other common cold and flu symptoms, such as aches and pain, high fever, and inflammation.

If you want to prepare yourself and your family for the possibility of having to deal with colds and other viral infections, including influenza A viruses, then it may be time to stock up on teas. The following list represents some of the many options available and their specific advantages.

You can purchase traditional and herbal teas as tea bags or loose leaf. Some varieties have added vitamin C, which is a potent antioxidant. You also can combine various dried teas together to create your own cold-and-flu-fighting beverage. Read more…

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