Study Busts This Common Vaccination Myth

A large-scale international study conducted by the Alliance for Natural Health International found that unvaccinated individuals have not been a burden to medical systems, contrary to what the so-called health experts claim.

The advocacy group’s founder Robert Verkerk and his team analyzed data on more than 18,000 unvaccinated people from around the world.

“Only 74 respondents out of the 5,196 (1.4 percent) who reported suspected or known SARS-CoV-2 infection also reported that they were hospitalized following infection. Therefore, outpatient or inpatient hospitalization was reported in just 0.4 percent of the full survey cohort. Of these, 15 were outpatient only, another 15 were hospitalized for less than three days, 26 were hospitalized between three and seven days, 11 for between seven and 14 days, and only 10 for more than 14 days,” the paper included.

The study, which was based on data collected from the Control Group Cooperative (CGC), analyzed the long-term health outcomes and experiences of the individuals through self-reported surveys. Read more…

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