Why Men Need to Keep Estrogen in Check

High Estrogen Leads To Degenerative Diseases, Early Death

Sometimes, doctors draw the wrong conclusion from a research study. Case in point, consider the big estrogen study reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Researchers monitored the estrogen levels of a large group of men. They found that men with estradiol (the most potent form of estrogen) in the normal range (between 21.80 and 30.11 pg/ml) had the fewest deaths during a three-year period. Men with the highest levels (above 37.99) had 133 percent more deaths during the same time period. However, men with the lowest estrogen levels (below 12.90) fared the worst as they suffered 317 percent more deaths.

Some doctors rightly concluded from this study that men need estrogen, but that’s when they stopped thinking and went out to drive a few balls at the range. Read more…

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