Here’s The 7 Fitness Journey Dropouts

Tons of people embark on a fitness journey but struggle to get anywhere. Their “before” never becomes an “after.” But why?

Here’s what no one wants to talk about: Those who never see results think a certain way. And this thinking allows them to continue being out of shape. They make excuses, blame others, and let themselves off the hook.

It’s time to address these issues so people can face reality and hopefully move in a healthier direction. If you relate to any of these descriptions, a reality check is coming. You’ll know that one of these is YOU if it hurts to read it.

1. The Guy Who’s Too Injured:
He never starts because he’s milking the same injury he got a decade ago. Of course, injuries are nuanced, and the road to recovery is an individual thing, but that’s still no excuse to sit idle on the couch. Research consistently shows that exercising is beneficial for working around and rehabbing injuries (1-6).

Not only can you exercise while injured, but you can also still get great results. Ask anybody who’s gotten appreciably lean and jacked. I guarantee you they had to work around a few injuries. To put it bluntly, we all have injuries and mishaps. Yours isn’t special. Read more…

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