How to Defeat Nicotine Addiction

We start this one off with some interesting facts about nicotine and its continued use. There are 35 million smokers in the US, and there are 15 million people who now vape. Though vaping eliminates many of the harmful chemicals embedded in cigarettes, most of the vape gadgets used by vape enthusiasts use “nic juice,” which means they also contain nicotine, the 3rd most addictive drug in the world, following closely behind cocaine and heroin.

Cigarettes are also worse than vaping because cigarette tobacco is juiced up (freebased) with ammonia to make the nicotine super strong, so over 100mg of vapor-ready drug gets inhaled, and hits the heart and brain in just three seconds. It gets worse. Nicotine use constricts blood vessels, restricting oxygen and nutrient flow, thus diminishing immune system function.

Then there are the dreaded nicotine patches and nicotine gum, both of which have only a four percent success rate at helping people quit smoking or vaping for good, yet somehow, together, those “quit methods” maintain a $5 billion dollar market each, worldwide. The Biden Regime is trying to ban menthol, but not cigarettes, in a head fake move to pretend to be helping black smokers, who prefer menthol 3 out of 4. They’ll just switch to non-menthol or there will be a black market created for menthol (no pun intended). But wait, there’s some good news. Read more…

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