How to Successfully Gain Muscle and Lose Fat

Body recomposition is difficult, but not impossible. In this article you’ll learn several tips to help you simultaneously and successfully build muscle and lose fat.

Gaining muscle and losing fat simultaneously is the holy grail for most gym-goers. Doing both is known in the industry as recomposition.

Recomposition isn’t impossible, but it is extremely difficult. This is why the vast majority of people who try to do it will fail. In fact, most people chasing muscle gain and fat loss often end up failing to achieve either goal. They don’t lose a significant amount of fat or build a noticeable amount of muscle. They just spin their wheels training hard in the gym but never look any different. This is why I have so often warned people off trying to recomp.

That doesn’t mean you should completely give up on recomposition. Just know that to be successful you will need to meet certain criteria, have great attention to detail, and have a heroic work ethic. Read more…

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