Unlock Flat Belly Secrets: 4 Exercises for Everyone

Losing weight can pose challenges for women, especially after reaching menopause. Mayo Clinic reports an average gain of one-and-a-half pounds per year throughout a woman’s 50s, resulting in a 15-pound increase in that decade alone, primarily around the abdomen. Petra Genco, a 55-year-old fitness expert, empathizes with women navigating fitness during menopause. She shares insights into the struggles women face due to hormonal imbalances, slowed metabolism, or joint discomfort, drawing from her own experiences.

To assist her followers in shedding weight, Genco unveiled her “flat belly workout,” aiming to help lose 20 pounds in six weeks without extensive exercise or stringent diets. Her routine involves four simple exercises that she attributes to achieving a toned belly without the need for heavyweights or specialized equipment.

Genco’s first recommended exercise focuses on toning the outer abdomen and promoting body movement. With arms positioned as though resting on a chest-level shelf, the exercise involves twisting the core back and forth while intermittently lifting knees to meet the arms every third core twist, to be repeated for 60 seconds.

The subsequent exercise involves side lunges accompanied by arm movements. Participants perform sideways lunges alternately while executing arm motions—punching downward toward the opposite foot and then reaching overhead, creating an elongated line from hand to outstretched foot. This exercise spans 90 seconds.

The third exercise, a high march combined with arm stretches, is relatively straightforward. Participants stand straight and alternate lifting their knees while simultaneously stretching the opposite arm upward. This movement is recommended for 60 seconds, although it can be extended for an extra challenge.

For the final exercise, individuals require a sturdy chair. By holding onto the outer back of the chair and leaning backward slightly, participants alternate lifting their knees toward the center of the chair. This exercise lasts for 90 seconds. Alternatively, for a more intensive abdominal workout, participants can reverse the chair, holding onto its seat for a lower angle and bringing their knees closer to the core before alternating sides.

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